How do we do it?

We focus all our efforts on 3 major challenges:
A strict selection of the best raw materials, a careful artisan elaboration process and a packaging focused on minimal environmental impact.
These are the three key elements of our philosophy.

Mejores materias primas
1. We select the best raw materials from familiar, nearby small farms, which places the welfare of the animals above all. Bred without antibiotics, freely in the open air.

This way the animals enjoy a rich organic diet, they are integrated into the traditional cycle of extensive agriculture, and of course, they contribute to sustaining the natural fertility of the soil and the ecosystem.
Elaboración artesanal
2. With the best raw material we start the artisan process of elaboration of our specialties, from traditional recipes, where we only use natural ingredients that are 100% organic.

We make all our specialties free of gluten, lactose, synthetic additives and artificial preservatives.
Envases sostenibles
3. Last but not least, packaging that is environmentally friendly, where the materials used come mostly from 100% recycled raw material or from sustainably managed forests.
In addition, any plastic material used in our packaging process comes from a minimum of 78% recycled plastic material.

Our team is constantly researching new packaging materials which are more respectful, sustainable and with less environmental impact. Always and above all, prioritizing the quality and perfect preservation of the product.

In this way we are committed to a diet which is healthy, sustainable and respectful with the planet.
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